Down-to-the-earth solutions

Don't worry about the jargons and elusive terminologies. Data TellIt will take care of all the complexity and provide you an intuitive, straightforward, and effective solution to your problems.

Build your own online to offline(O2O) business

The E-commerce platform not only allows you to open an online store and manage your customer database, but also creates a portal that communicates with the real world (IoT platform).

Frontend and backend integration

Our platform integrates frontend E-commerce (EC) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms with backend Data Engine. The architectures of our platforms are designed to be efficient, robust, and adaptive.

State-of-the-art data engine

The Data Engine saves valuable data for you in the first place and generates a variety of analytic reports regularly. Moreover, you can make deeper analysis if you have basic skills of data query. Or our experts from the data team can offer you professional data analytic services.