The most potential products------ZenSensor

ZenSensor is our compay's star product that contains a lot of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light color, light intensity, magnetometer, Wifi RSSI, GridEye, PIR motion and so on.

Through a period of machine learning, ZenSensor can sense what's going on around us.It's like a Buddhist monk who can clearly know what's happening around us,and that's why we call it ZenSensor.

Reveal and enrich the value of your data


We deliver down-to-earth Big Data solutions to individuals and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Our platform integrates frontend E-commerce (EC) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms with backend Data Engine.

Don't worry about the jargons and elusive terminologies. Data TellIt will take care of all the complexity and provide you an intuitive, straightforward, and effective solution to your problems. The architectures of our platforms are designed to be efficient, robust, and adaptive. 


Our platforms are based on state-of-the-art information technology that supports capture, storage, and analytics services for Big Data in the age of Internet of Things (IoT). Our IoT data capture module uses accurate and reliable sensors and microcontrollers to ensure data quality.

Agile database technology balances operational and analytical data usage. We apply modern and advanced analysis methods to discover patterns and create knowledge from Big Data.


We believe in open knowledge and public research. Our company is strategically located in Waterloo, Ontario, which is a fast growing centre of high tech and information technology in North America.

This geographical advantage enables us to closely collaborate with universities and research centres, incorporating the lasted academic knowledge into our platforms and constantly improving our services. Investing in R&D and utilizing academic research resources provide the driving force for our continuing innovation and growth.

Data resource

We collect and synthesize open data, self-generated data, co-op data and provide intelligent data association. Open data include census data, marketing and business datasets, health, environment, transportation, and real estate data. Self-generated data include customer information and data generated by our smart devices.

Co-op data are provided by our business partners through our platforms, such as purchases and customer reviews. Through intelligent data association, we can create rich data resources about people’s living environment, living habits, and marketing behaviours.



In July 2015, DataTellIt was founded in Canada.

DataTellIt is a Canadian company with strong academic background and close relationship with research universities and institutions around the world. The name of DataTellIt represents our core business notion, that is to discover new knowledge and values using Big Data approaches.

Location JULY 18, 2015

DataTellIt branch company was founded in SISPARK ,Suzhou, China

Location September 13, 2016

We got a complete success at the Hebei Educational Equipment Exhibition.

At this exhibition, we have demonstrated smart school solutions ,such as the common classroom , reading room,music classroom, children's classroom .And these smart school solutions have been affirmed by the Hebei Education Bureau and related industry partners, and we established the intention of cooperation at last.

Location April 8, 2017

We attended the the 72th session of the China education equipment exhibition - safe campus.

Location May 7, 2017

The smart classroom project in the fourth middle school,Gu'an, Hebei, has been ended in a satisfactory way.

Location September 3, 2017

The Second DataTellIt branch company was founded in Gu'an, Hebei, China.

Location October 9, 2017

Next year, the joint laboratory for big data analysis will be established.

Location 2018