IoT Module

Advanced microcontroller unit

Particle Photon with well-defined affiliated components and peripheral circuits. Arduino compatible.

Multiple communication channels

Contain all mainstream modules including Wi-Fi, BLE, and RF 2.4G as standard communication methods. MQTT protocol and Restful API are available.

Up to 7 sensor interfaces by default

Allow a variety of sensors, such as photoresistor, temperature, humidity, infrared, smoke, gas, and Hall effect sensors, to be connected on demand.

Wide range of power supply options

AC 80-260V; DC 12-48V; Maximum 6A.

Case study: is an LED lighting online sales company, whose customer segment is mostly family users. plans to develop a new series of "smart" products by adding an IoT module into traditional lamps. That’s where our Smart Node comes in. Smart Node not only fulfills the requirements from team, achieving functions including smart scheduling, wellness lighting, remote control, and smart color changing, but also broadens the horizon of the original product concept. Many innovative features are added, such as presence awareness, stranger detection, health monitoring, and voice interaction. With our holistic and customized solution, team does not have to worry about all of these new technologies. DataTellIt implemented the entire solution including Smart Node, the software package, the cloud platform, and the user app interface.