Who are we?

DataTellIt is a Canadian start-up company with strong academic background and close relationship with research universities and institutions around the world. The name of DataTellIt represents our core business notion, that is to discover new knowledge and values using Big Data approaches.

We are a group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists. We design technologies to serve people better, making people's living smarter, safer and more energy-saving. We provide holistic data solutions for both household and industrial uses, including Internet-of-Things (IoT) modules, smart devices, as well as the generation, storage, analysis and utilization of Big Data. Our solutions are customized to meet each customer's unique needs.

Our vision

Create smart living experiences.
Reveal and enrich the value of your data.

Our business

Creation, design, and sale of IoT devices.
Collection, generation, and analysis of Big Data.
Exploration and discovery of new knowledge and business values.
Development and operation of Big Data platforms.

Business module

Our business solution is holistic and customized. We provide everythong you need for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Big Data applications, including smart devices, cloud platforms, and data services. Our smart devices utilized state-of-the-art IoT modules with multiple intelligent sensors. These devices collect and transfer data to our cloud platform, which is also open to our business partners for customized data analysis and management. Through data integration and analysis, we provide value-adding services to our customers and our business partners’ customers.

Our advantages

Holistic solution

We provide everything you need for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.

Customized business model

We are flexible and adaptive to each business partner's unique need

Strong academic support

We have strategic collaboration with leading research universities and receive their intellectual resource supports.

Global suppliers and manufactures

Our global suppliers can guarantee the high quality of our products while maintaining an affordable price.

Experienced and energetic team

Our team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs in O2O (Online to Offline), academic leaders in smart devices, savvy scientists in Big Data, and experienced engineers in system architecture.